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Description of Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University

Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University (NEVUN) is a non-profit organization and has seven different faculties and two colleges.  NEVUN aims to develop individuals of high quality, who are productive, socially aware, respectful, adaptable to social circumstances and technologically-inclined principles of the Republic and international perspectives.

NEVUN gives top priority to being a university which exhibits academic and social values with its staff and publication, as well as a university which produces the scientific knowledge and technological advancement that our country needs in its quest for modernity and progress. NEVUN has many different centers where they dedicate themselves for the social awareness and benefits. For instance, NEVUN has a center called “University without Barriers”. This center was founded just to help and support the disabled people from the university and society. Another center is “Women Studies Application and Research Center”. The main of this center is to support the women for their work and encourage them to be part in the many working areas. NEVUN has also planned to build a “Horse Riding Application and Research Center” and this center will be founded in very short amount of time and serve to the society and students. The Horse Riding Application and Research Center will offer opportunities especially for the disabled people. Currently, one of the departments at NEVUN, physical education and sport education department, planned to give some courses about the therapeutic riding applications. NEVUN has many finalized and ongoing projects about the disabled people and people who are under the risk of drug addiction, homeless, committing crime, etc.

As we stated above, NEVUN will have a “Horse Riding Application and Research Center” in a near future. Thus, it will be able to provide therapeutic riding applications for the disabled people. This center is also going to plan some educational activities about therapeutic riding applications with the collaboration of other organizations. In the department of physical education and sport education, there are two specialists working on the therapeutic riding applications. One of them has lots of experiences in horseback riding and also specialized in adaptive riding. The other staff from the same department has PhD education in motor control and learning and got some education and courses in adaptive riding. NEVUN is located in Cappadocia region. This region is also known as “beautiful horses land” and has many riding centers. There are many horseback riding trainers in the region who wants to be trained for adaptive riding. We believe that our center will have good opportunities to provide adaptive riding opportunities for the horseback riding trainers.


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