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Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece

Therapeutic Riding came to Greece in 1983, thanks to the initiative and dedication of Aideen Lewis. The Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece (TRAG) was established in 1992 as a non-profit volunteers' organization with a solid social goal. One year later, TRAG was also recognized as a sports organization.

TRAG is run by a 7-member volunteer Board of Directors. The BoD is elected every 4 years by the General Assembly, and the elected Board then convenes to vote for the officers.

From its establishment until now, TRAG has:

  • offered therapeutic services to more than 2000 children and 500 adults, offering assistance to many of who have financial difficulties attending such therapies
  • participated in numerous sports events, (local and international), such as Paralympics 2004, Special Olympics 2011.
  • proudly seen its athletes win 15 medals
  • organized an educational program, since 2005, for Therapeutic Riding trainers
  • organized the XIV International Congress of Therapeutic Horse Riding on its premises in 2012
  • contributed to the dissemination of Equine Assisted Therapy, as trainees have opened their own therapeutic riding centers across Greece after the completion of the educational program at TRAG
  • constantly strives to develop awareness of the importance of volunteerism. More than 1.500 volunteers over the years have helped TRAG by offering their services at least 3 hours per week for 10 months annually

TRAG is a member of:

  • Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI)
  • Hellenic Equestrian Federation (HEF)
  • Accredited body of hosting volunteers in the frame of European Voluntary Service (EVS)
  • Accredited body of social care offering services by the Ministry of Health
  • Accredited body for internships of students from universities and colleges

TRAG’s personnel consists of professionals of various expertise, all specialized and focusing in Therapeutic Riding.

  • Maria Liapi: Psychologist, Trainer
  • Ariadni Tsigkanou: Occuparional Therapist, Trainer
  • Katerina Chomoriti: Special Education Teacher, Trainer
  • Kleopatra Tsagkari: Physiotherapist, Trainer
  • Eleni Konstantinidi: Special Education Teacher, Trainer
  • Katerina Theodoulou: Horses Trainer, Coach

TRAG’s personnel includes two more employees:

  • George Strompolakos: Office Administrator, Public Relations
  • Najaf Abbas: Stableman


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